Terms of Commission Work



Please review all terms on this page before commissioning any work.  By commissioning work from Distant Light Miniatures, you are agreeing to these terms. 


Payments are accepted either by Paypal or international money order, in Canadian dollars.  Personal checks or cash are not accepted. 

If you do not currently own the miniatures that you would like painted, we suggest ordering them from Great Canadian Miniatures and having them shipped to our address (please note they only sell Games WorkshopTM products).  It typically takes 2-3 weeks for them to arrive.  If you would prefer to get the miniatures sooner, or you are interested in non-GW products, we can purchase them from a local retailer but the cost will be full Canadian retail plus 13% sales tax. You will need to send a Paypal payment to cover the cost of the models.  

All jobs must be paid 50% in advance, with the remaining 50% to be paid when the job is nearing completion.



Small orders (i.e. weighing less than 1kg) are shipped via Canada Post (generally $5-$10).  Small orders are not traceable and we do not take responsibility for any small orders lost in the mail.  We have never had any orders lost in the mail.

Large orders (i.e. weighing over 1kg) are shipped via Canada Post and are traceable.  Shipping costs for these orders vary depending on exact weight and destination (generally $15-30 to USA).  We will take responsibility for any large orders lost in the mail (reimbursement will be in the form of credit, replacement miniatures, or refund, at our discretion).

If you would prefer to have your order sent by another method (1-day courier, FedEx, etc.) let us know and we will try to accommodate such requests.  

You are welcome to send your own miniatures to us for painting, but please take note of the following:

 -We cannot take responsibility for any lost shipments.   

- You may be responsible for taxes incurred at Canada Customs.  This may be a small charge (e.g. $10), or none at all.  We will advise you before you send your miniatures.  


Turnaround Times

We will always try to give you a reasonable approximation of how long it will take for your job to be finished.  You are always welcome to email and inquire on the status of your job.  Emails regarding job status will be answered promptly, usually the same day.  Typical 20-model regiment painting jobs take less than a week to complete, however, at any given time there may be several jobs ahead of yours.  

Do not wait until we are no longer "busy" before you order, because other customers will get ahead of you in the queue.  The sooner you order, the sooner your job will be finished.  Jobs are worked on in the order they arrive.

If you are interested in having your miniatures returned to you by a specific date (e.g. Christmas, tournaments, etc.) please mention this as soon as possible.  We will try to accommodate such requests, if possible, but can never guarantee any specific deadline will be met. 


Painting Quality

Distant Light Miniatures specializes in high-quality paint jobs that are completed efficiently and consistently.  All miniatures are hand-painted, and as such no two models are ever absolutely identical. However, you can expect all models in the same regiment or army to be painted in a highly consistent style with little difference between individual models. 

When you commission work from us, you may specify the details of the paint job, or you may leave the decisions to us.  Digital photos of completed models will be sent to you as soon as some of the work is completed.  We will usually be willing to make slight adjustments to a paintjob to suit your taste. 

Please be as specific as possible if you specify the details of the work you would like done.  If you do not specify the details of the commissioned work, you are agreeing to accept the decisions we make regarding the work. 


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