If you're interested in commissioning me to paint miniatures for you, please read through the following section before emailing.  Send emails to distantlight@gmail.com

All of my work is based on quotes, and prices can vary considerably depending on the detail of the model, and the amount of assembly work involved. 

All quotes are for high quality paint jobs (such as you'd find in the Gallery section), with multiple layers of shading/highlighting.  I don't generally offer different "levels" of painting.  Presumably, you want all of your models to look good!  However, more time is spent on "individual" or "character" models compared to "rank and file" models.  If you want your models painted to a particulary standard, feel free to mention this in your inquiry.

Shipping charges vary depending on your location and the size of your job.  In the USA, expect to pay $10 for single models and $20-30 for groups. 

If you have never commissioned anything from me before, feel free to ask for a discount on your first order.


All quotes include:

-Assembly, unless otherwise noted.  

-Basing (as you'd see in the Gallery, with sand, static grass or "snow").

-DullcoteTM varnishing. 

If you're interested in having miniatures painted, please email me at distantlight@gmail.com or fill out the following form (this form opens up your email client, so you'll still have to hit "send").  

All emails are answered within 48 hours; if you don't receive a reply within this time, you should re-send your message.





Country (for shipping cost estimates):

Preferred Currency (US or Canadian dollars):

Description of Project (please indicate which models you want painted, what colour scheme and the condition of the models e.g new/already assembled/etc):

Total Number of Models:

Budget (optional - if there's a specific amount you're planning to spend, I can try and work within that):


Please review my Shipping, Payment and Turnaround time policies before commissioning any work.  By commissioning a job from me, you are agreeing to these policies.